Mentoring Data Science

Study Plans

Welcome to the Data Science Master program at FAU! To help you structure your studies, you are requested to show a study plan to your dedicated mentor. Each of my mentees is manually added to a StudOn course, which contains a forum for questions and an upload form for the study plans.

Why create a study plan?
The main purpose of this exercise is to familiarize yourself with the opportunities that you have at FAU, such that you can make the best use of your time with us. (Also, the study regulations require you to make such a plan.)

Can I change my study plan later?
Yes, the study plan can be changed anytime later if you choose to focus on different topics. Try not to change it more than once per semester.

Are there examples of study plans?
Yes, the website below describes in detail how the Data Science Master program is structured and gives examples for different study plans.

I don't know my master thesis topic and master thesis seminar yet. What do I enter?
A master thesis topic and a master thesis seminar do not have to be entered in the beginning. You can enter "t.b.d." (to be determined).

When is the first study plan due?
The first study plan must be completed before your first exam. Hand in your plans early, since it takes some time to check everyone's plan.

How can I create my study plan?
The study plans can be automatically generated using the online tool below. This tool makes sure that your study plans are valid, i.e., the courses will be offered in the selected semester.

How to submit a study plan to my mentor?
When you finished the preparation of your study plan, upload your study plan down below, and send an e-mail to to inform me about your upload. Also, send me a short message, whenever you made an update to the study plan. I will then check your plan for completeness. Once you receive a confirmation from me, you don't need to take any further steps.

What does the mentor look for when assessing my study plan?
The mentor makes sure that you filled out the plan for all semesters, and that you have an equal distribution of your workload. You should aim for approximately 30 ECTS per semester.

I took the (repetition) exam, which was offered in a different semester. How do I enter that?
Please enter the semester in which you attended the course. Not the semester, in which you took the exam.

How to submit a study plan to the examination office?
At the very end of your studies, the final study plan is submitted to the examination office, such that they can see how you want to sort your courses into the major and minor fields. The final study plan requires a signature of the mentor, which means the last study plan has to be checked by your mentor.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the StudOn forum or send a message to